Western Cape Furry Convention



Western Cape Furry Con isn't just about having a convention only once a year , nope we are a all year furry con.

We will have parties, braai's and camps....

What To Expect At The Convention

Entertainment & Activities

  • An honorary guest.
  • What the furry fandom is
  • Animal Welfare 
  • DJ & Dancing
  • Fun and games kids and adults alike 
  • Food 
  • Beverages (no alcohol for under 18's)
  • Socializing   
  • Jumping castle for the kids
  • a few furry Artist and craft stalls.
  • Raffle on last day

Entry Fee:

  • Children under 5 for free
  • 6-17 will be R80 per person
  • 18 and up will be R120 per person

What the entry Fee is for.
  • Everyone who books will receive a full meal from a catering company at the convention.
  • You will be entered in a raffle where you can win a prize (2 (girl plus boy) for every age group) 
  • Full access to all entertainment at the convention.
  • The fee will go help pay for the convention and every Rand that is profit will be split to the 2 charities.

Wow R80-120 seems a bit steep...
No worries there is a way to bring down the entry fee for you, if you bring donations like old toys, cloths etc for the children or animal donations we will give you 25% discount.

Wait ? What about all the left over Food?
After the convention we would like volunteers to help pack a few packets that we can give for homeless people. 


The convention will be held in October of each year and as the con grows the better locations we will be.

  • We are not a profit organisation as ALL profits will go to charity.
  • Lucky Lucy Foundation
  • Orphan House From Monte Vista
  • DAW (Dead Animals Walking)
  • DARG

Western Cape Furry Convention
83 Edgemead Drive
Cape Town


Hopefully it will be held here 

The Tygerburger would be asked to cover a short story about the furry fandom and the convention's intentions and what to expect.

Will cover the charity and all activities.

A interview will also be held with a furry so that they can hear our side of the story VS what people speculate us to be.